Stand Up To Cancer! Great cause!!

Today I’m STANDING UP TO CANCER! Tonight Channel4 have a TV marathon on to raise money, showing people’s stories, tips and advise and fun/celebrity sketches.

This was me in November 3 years ago, weeks after my last chemo.


This was me a year later (nearly 1 year free of cancer)


And another year later (nearly 2 years free)

And this is me today 3 years ago I was 19 days away from my last chemo!

I don’t look that much different, I was lucky, I never fully lost my hair, chemo just left me feeling like I had the flu, one week I was sick and the other I felt well.  For months no one but close friends and family knew I was sick, my hair was the only tell tale sign.

I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 1A – the cancer was only in the one place and I had no symptoms…

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